… a little something about me

The Photogtapher

I have always had a love for portraits. As a child I would sit for hours at my grandmother’s house going through her old photo albums.

It was the memories and character of the individuals photographed that always drew me in. It was the story the portraits told which sparked a curiosity about their life and how things were back then.

As I grew older, my parents bought me my first small film camera. I would not go anywhere without that camera and a few extra rolls of film. I soon gained the reputation of the family historian…because I had all the pictures. Fast forward to 2007, I purchased my first real (read: expensive) camera. I was determined not to have spent so much money and not know how to use it. I then enrolled at the Birmingham School of Photography and started taking photography classes. The rest is history!

I have been a professional photographer for the past 13 years. My passion is to take images of individuals that are sharp, crisp, vibrant and most importantly show who that person is and capture their personality and emotions. My goal is to give them the gift of seeing their authentic beauty in themselves, to document a heartfelt period in a life, or to help make the first impression count. Over the years I have shifted between niches, but the one thing that stays the same is the excitement in seeing someone recognize the beauty in themselves captured through my photography. I look forward to photographing you!

Now you know something about me…
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